About The Juice Box

Our mission is to reveal the truth’s behind consuming healthier food and what amazing benefits our bodies reap from it. We are overjoyed that we have been able to bring this to our community and are able to inform those who don’t already know about the health benefits behind the options we are providing.

The Juice Box is a mother and daughter operation that started in quarantine 2020. Both were in the service industry, singing in Nashville, bartending, waiting on tables, when COVID, a terrible and unknown disease hit the world. It was taking people down left and right. The two of us started thinking about how important our health was. We wanted to make a difference and help others have the resources and options to consume the healthy food that we were making sure we had during this time.

Since cold pressed juice had been a part of our lives for years, and we believed in it so much, we took the plunge. We dove head first in to the cold pressed juicing world and WOW, we were blown away by the number of people who were ready to tackle their health and/or maintain it.

Cold pressed juice to us, is more than just the mind blowing nutrients that it provides our bodies with. It is our story. It is what we love. It is our passion. It excites us, because we truly BELIEVE in our product. Zero preservatives, zero added sugar, made fresh IN HOUSE. Each of our juices, salads, smoothies, and bowls are homemade recipes that come from extensive research and multiple taste testings. We can only hope you love our stuff as much as we do!

Much love to you all,

Vicki & Miranda

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